project proposal

I would like to tell my story and talk about my identity. I want to create a recorded performance shared digitally that has both visual and audio components. I want to projection map the space around me, behind me, and on me. I am unsure of the duration of the performance, but I am thinking around 10-20 minutes. There would be multiple scenes and sets. I want to think about the different spaces that I live in such as my bed, the couch, the kitchen, the shower, etc. I want to creatively use my apartment wall space and other objects to projection map onto. I would mostly be in full frame, but also sometimes just parts of my body might be seen. I think I would want to wear a white overall costume that can be projected onto. Within my scenes, I want to also use sensors so that the environment projected around me reacts to my physical presence in the space. 

For my second capstone in the Spring quarter, I want to make a VR world about the story that I make in this capstone. 


Audio record: zoom recorder

photo/video: DSLR camera, tripod

projection mapping: projector, computer, HDMI cable

Software: heavyM, max/msp, final cut pro, arduino, touch designer, vimeo

Other: sensors, wires, white walls, white overalls, misc. objects,


Video part: I want to take photos and videos of the landscape and environment of Taos, NM & Gallup, NM, Denver downtown. I might also include Chaco Canyon. I will then edit the pics and videos in a way that helps tell my story as I projection map them. 
Audio part: I will record sounds and synthesize sounds to create the background audio and sound effects, as well as, a mix of recorded speech and live speaking in the video. 

Context: my identity on the intersectional spectrum, indigenous futurism, posthuman, anthropocene, spirituality, LGBTQIA+

Things to check out from EDPtechcheck:

Projector, computer, HDMI cable, zoom recorder, moog synthesizer, launch midi, colored gels

Skills I need: maybe touch designer?  

10 week basic timeline

Week 1: think of project

Week 2: think of storyline, outlining scenes, order sensors, acquire additional materials, get heavyM license, test projection mapping in apartment space, start learning touch designer, techcheck things?

Week 3: learn touchdesigner, test projection mapping in apartment space, figure out interactivity and appropriate sensor, go to Taos and Gallup to take pics/video, think of storyline, synthesize sounds

Week 4: take pics/video of denver downtown, start editing photos and footage, synthesize sounds

Week 5: setup projection mapping, record scenes, synthesize sounds

Week 6: projection mapping, record scenes, record sounds, synthesize sounds

Week 7: edit scenes into video, record sounds, synthesize sounds

Week 8: edit audio for video

Week 9: any final edits for video

Week 10: share video on vimeo