work on prototype 1

This week, I have been learning TouchDesigner based off of youtube videos. It is great to know that there is a projection mapping tool (kantanMapper) within TouchDesigner that allows for making freeform shapes (bezier curves included) where video can stream. I may not need to use HeavyM.

A wonderful discovery has been this app called “Zig Sim” that will send phone data from your phone to a local ip address. This is wonderful because it turns your phone into a sensor that sends data (accel, gravity, gyro, quaternion, compass, pressure, gps, 2d touch, 3d touch, proximity monitor, light) that can be programmed to control audio and visual aspects on your computer in real time. This can all happen within TouchDesigner too! 🙂 I am going to try to incorporate zig sim on the next iteration.

For the first attempt at projection mapping myself for this project, I wanted to keep it simple and then make it more complex on the next iteration. My goal was to create a shape that would project just onto my upper body with visuals generated in real time. I wanted to get a feel for what negative space might look like projected onto me so the color palette was specific, but still experimental.

Below is my first attempt at using TouchDesigner to projection map onto myself with visuals that were generated in TouchDesigner with noise, ramp, and speed.

here, I am setting up the live feed view and remote control of my dslr
first attempt at drawing out my body. not super exact but I can get it with a little more practice.
I am using a wacom tablet to draw the freeform points of the shape with reference from the live feed view of myself from my phone
yeah, I think I can do a little better lol
just the projection without my body or chair

After taking about 100 photos, these were some of the more interesting ones.