blog update week 5


Weekly Progress Update

For week four, my timeline says: “Week 4: take pics/video of denver downtown, start editing photos and footage, synthesize sounds”

This week, I did not take pics/videos of Denver downtown because I have been more focused on looking at the pics I got from Gallup and Taos and trying to form some thoughts based on those pictures. I have been synthesizing sounds with the Roland Ju-06 which is going well. I like the different sounds I am able to create. I have not recorded any sounds from the JU-06 or in general, but I will do that this week. I received my white coverall in the mail this week to wear for my projections.

Reflection on Progress

This mid-point in my project timeline somehow feels alright. Although it may seem that I haven’t done much physical work, many thoughts and feelings about this project have been percolating in my brain during the day and in my dreams during the night. I have been meditating on a narrative. I have bits and phrases that I will string together this week and record it. These bits and phrases have been mostly influenced by my readings this quarter. Overall, I feel really good and I am going to give many hours to this project this week. 

For Week 5, my timeline goal is : “setup projection mapping, record scenes, synthesize sounds, record narrative.”

Inspiration, Ideas, Readings, Research

I have been reading essays about posthuman in my digital personas class. I have been reading about queer and trans theory from gws class. There have been authors in which these fields intersect.  Some major players in my research are Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles, and Rosi Braidotti. 

Artist/Creator/Project Profiles

I am inspired by Krzysztof Wodiczko’s (b. 1943 in Warsaw, Poland) many projected videos on facades of buildings, monuments, and sculptures. I am interested in the social context of his videos in relation to what they are being projected on. For example, the picture I have shown above has profound social meaning because of the colonialist images portraying a handcuffed fruit picker holding a basket of fruit and serving it to the large white hands holding a fork and knife ready to eat the prepared fruit. But the intensity is real and present with these colonialist images being projected onto The San Diego Museum of Man building (1915-16)which looks like a cathedral or a fancy church.  This projection occurred in 1988.

With my videos I am not projecting onto a building but rather a wall and with me in front of the wall. The landscape projected behind me is not urban but rather desert with  red mountains.  This landscape is significant to my identity.  Much like how the buildings Wodiczko projects onto relate to the identities of those being portrayed. Wodiczko’s videos are kind of static here, but sometimes there is a large face projected onto the building like in his Tijuana Projection (2001). I am interested in what my video might create if there is a live projection interaction with my body and the projected landscape around me.