blog update week 8

Week 8

Weekly Progress Update

This week I have hit some milestones in my project. Yay! There were some issues though and setting up the projection in my living has been rough, to say the least. But now I have the projection set up how I want and have set up a good positioning of the camera. Also, I have mapped out the Akai MidiMIX for max 8 and touchdesigner. This will make changing visual parameters a whole lot easier when I am actually recording my projections for the final video.

Reflection on Progress

This week, I accomplished one of the hardest parts and that was figuring out the projectors and how to control them with touchdesigner. I was happy to discover that I can control up to 4 projectors with my laptop. (one day, I’ll have to try this and hope that my laptop doesn’t explode) I only have two projectors at hand though, so that is what I have set up so that I can stand upright and be seen in full frame plus I am trying to get as much of the projection real estate as possible. Earlier in the week I set up one projector and was not satisfied with my framing… I am tall so the very top of my head was at the very top of the screen. When I am standing… I want a more head space that is why I needed to figure out how to use more than one projector with my laptop.

This weekend, I am going to write out a script for my narrative+record, set up my image mixer with mapped midi controls for color distortion that aligns with my general concept, and record my projections. This gives me less time to edit than I had hoped, but I kind of need that pressure to work under. Below are some picture of my progress this week.

with only one projector, I couldn’t stand up so I sat down to test
one projector for kantan mapper
sitting with a single projector
inspirational pic for visual effects in video
inspiration pic from Taos, NM
first go at trying 2 projectors
double kantan mapper in touchdesigner
touchdesigner interface that i find interesting to look at
test projections with 2 projectors
finally! how the projectors will be positioned for the video
this is framing that gets me but not as much of the projection real estate
this is the framing I am going to use so that I can get as much of me and as much of the projection real estate
max 8 interface for the mapping of midi controller
the presentation style of the akai midiMIX…very queer
mapped midi controller to touchdesigner

Inspiration, Ideas, Readings, Research

I have been watching many touchdesigner tutorials.

My research has not really changed since the last post. I am still influenced by Donna Haraway, Jack Halberstam, Katherine Hayles, and Dr. Leroy Little Bear. I recently watched a lecture by Ruha Benjamin Benjamin’s discussion has helped me understand the intersectionality of race and technology as framed on the relationship between scientists vs. non-scientists.

Artist/Creator/Project Profiles

Sin Sol / No Sun

micha cárdenas wrote and directed “Sin Sol / No Sun” which is an augmented reality game based on the experience of climate change in order to better understand how climate change is effecting greater the populations of immigrants, trans and disabled people. I am very interested in all of the game and hopefully can make something like this for my BFA capstone. For this current project, I am inspired by the poetry throughout the game and how it is spoken in narrative way.