blog update week 4

Weekly Progress Update

For week 3 on my timeline my goals are: “learn touchdesigner, test projection mapping in apartment space, figure out interactivity and appropriate sensor, go to Taos and Gallup to take pics/video, think of storyline, synthesize sounds”. I have not explored touchdesigner as much as I wanted to this week. Last weekend I learned projection mapping basics and some video manipulation. I am going to use zig sim for a sensor, but did not get to experiment with this week. I did go to Taos and Gallup to take photos for inspiration and visual data. I did not write a storyline, but I am now motivated to do so. I picked up edp equipment on thursday. I signed up for Audiotool though. I want to explore Audiotool more this week. 

Reflection on Progress

I feel good about the progress I have made this week. I think I am on track with my timeline. My goals for week 4 is to explore the video manipulation tools more in touchdesigner, do a second iteration of projection mapping, practice using zig sim with touchdesigner, sythesize sounds with roland JU-06, start editing photos from trip, synthesize sounds

Inspiration, Ideas, Readings, Research

My trip to Taos and Gallup was definitely worthwhile. I feel inspired to write my narrative. I wrote down some notes and thoughts that I want to use to craft a narrative over the next few days. To sum up my trip, I left Denver for Taos on Friday, explored Taos on Saturday, went to Gallup, NM and Window Rock, AZ on Sunday, then came back to Denver on Monday. I only took photos even though I wanted to take some video initially. I am currently looking at my photos for inspiration.

Artist/Creator/Project Profiles

and the earth sighed (2016) by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski are Australian artists who make media art installations “situated at the juncture of cinema, information visualisation and sublime landscape.”

I am intrigued by how they vertically projection map onto the floor that can then be interacted with differently then with it being projected horizontally onto a wall.

work on prototype 1

This week, I have been learning TouchDesigner based off of youtube videos. It is great to know that there is a projection mapping tool (kantanMapper) within TouchDesigner that allows for making freeform shapes (bezier curves included) where video can stream. I may not need to use HeavyM.

A wonderful discovery has been this app called “Zig Sim” that will send phone data from your phone to a local ip address. This is wonderful because it turns your phone into a sensor that sends data (accel, gravity, gyro, quaternion, compass, pressure, gps, 2d touch, 3d touch, proximity monitor, light) that can be programmed to control audio and visual aspects on your computer in real time. This can all happen within TouchDesigner too! 🙂 I am going to try to incorporate zig sim on the next iteration.

For the first attempt at projection mapping myself for this project, I wanted to keep it simple and then make it more complex on the next iteration. My goal was to create a shape that would project just onto my upper body with visuals generated in real time. I wanted to get a feel for what negative space might look like projected onto me so the color palette was specific, but still experimental.

Below is my first attempt at using TouchDesigner to projection map onto myself with visuals that were generated in TouchDesigner with noise, ramp, and speed.

here, I am setting up the live feed view and remote control of my dslr
first attempt at drawing out my body. not super exact but I can get it with a little more practice.
I am using a wacom tablet to draw the freeform points of the shape with reference from the live feed view of myself from my phone
yeah, I think I can do a little better lol
just the projection without my body or chair

After taking about 100 photos, these were some of the more interesting ones.

blog update: week 3

Weekly Progress Update

Week 2 on my timeline says “think of storyline, outlining scenes, order sensors, acquire additional materials, get heavyM license, test projection mapping in apartment space, start learning touch designer, techcheck things?” I have not written out the narrative of the story, I am hoping to be inspired this weekend when I go to Taos and Gallup. I haven’t ordered sensors yet because I do not yet know exactly how they will be interacted with in my performance. I am going to test my apartment space this evening and will upload test photos to this blog after. I have discovered that touchdesigner has projection mapping tools so I am going to spend class time today doing a tutorial to see if it is what I want to use or if I still want to use heavyM (I still need to purchase a license). Last on my list was to create a list of materials I might be able to check out from edp techcheck and yes, I did that and emailed. 🙂  

I have been working on my website’s theme and so far I think it has come to a good point. Now, I am working on filling it with content and writing about that content. 

I am hoping to get some good ideas about my idea of identity that I want to portray through my visuals. I am going to share some artists that have been inspiring me for this project to my “projection” small group today and will update this blog after.:) 

Reflection on Progress

Based on what I did accomplish during week 2, I am moving some goals to week 3, “Week 3: learn touchdesigner, test projection mapping in apartment space, figure out interactivity and appropriate sensor, go to Taos and Gallup to take pics/video, think of storyline, synthesize sounds”. Overall, I think I am in a very good place for my project and have a good trajectory of work to do this week. I am feeling excited. I am taking three other courses this quarter that are helping me to create my narrative, coincidently. It is only a matter of time. I can’t wait to get a hold of the Roland JP-08 Sound Module and Keyboard Kit to start recording sounds and producing a soundscape. 

Inspiration, Ideas, Readings, Research

My work for this project is an exploration of the human condition through a personal lens.

I have been reading 

Trans* by Jack Halberstam

posthuman theory by Donna Haraway, Rosi Braidotti, Cary Wolfe, Katherine Hayles, 

feminist and trans theory by Luce Irigaray and Jack Hablerstam

Artist/Creator/Project Profiles

Artists of interest:

Miwa Matreyek

Refik Anado

Tony Oursler

Miwa Matreyek is an animator, director, designer, and performer based in Los Angeles. She has been making installations where she interacts with her projected animations since 2010. I am interested that she is using her physical self to interact with digital projections in a space she created. She is a silhouette in her videos, but I want to show my 3D self but have an extra layer of dimension because something will be projected onto me. 

Refik Anadol is a media artist and a “spatial thinker” (installation artist). He combines machine learning with immersive installation. I am interested in the immersive installation part which is done mostly with projectors. I really like how he plays with illusion and creates that infinite world feeling one experiences using VR. I want to have the space I am performing in be transformed into a hybrid space of real and virtual/interactive space that immerses me. 

Tony Oursler is an American installation artist. He projects onto objects that are sculpted, grown (trees), textiles, mundane, really anything except people. I like that he breaks up a room with space to walk around the objects. I want to include some large abstract sculptures that I can interact with and that will show projected videos. I am thinking mine will be like cloth. Ideally, I would like to create the sculpture with clay but I do not know if I have access to the ceramic studio at DU.

project proposal

I would like to tell my story and talk about my identity. I want to create a recorded performance shared digitally that has both visual and audio components. I want to projection map the space around me, behind me, and on me. I am unsure of the duration of the performance, but I am thinking around 10-20 minutes. There would be multiple scenes and sets. I want to think about the different spaces that I live in such as my bed, the couch, the kitchen, the shower, etc. I want to creatively use my apartment wall space and other objects to projection map onto. I would mostly be in full frame, but also sometimes just parts of my body might be seen. I think I would want to wear a white overall costume that can be projected onto. Within my scenes, I want to also use sensors so that the environment projected around me reacts to my physical presence in the space. 

For my second capstone in the Spring quarter, I want to make a VR world about the story that I make in this capstone. 


Audio record: zoom recorder

photo/video: DSLR camera, tripod

projection mapping: projector, computer, HDMI cable

Software: heavyM, max/msp, final cut pro, arduino, touch designer, vimeo

Other: sensors, wires, white walls, white overalls, misc. objects,


Video part: I want to take photos and videos of the landscape and environment of Taos, NM & Gallup, NM, Denver downtown. I might also include Chaco Canyon. I will then edit the pics and videos in a way that helps tell my story as I projection map them. 
Audio part: I will record sounds and synthesize sounds to create the background audio and sound effects, as well as, a mix of recorded speech and live speaking in the video. 

Context: my identity on the intersectional spectrum, indigenous futurism, posthuman, anthropocene, spirituality, LGBTQIA+

Things to check out from EDPtechcheck:

Projector, computer, HDMI cable, zoom recorder, moog synthesizer, launch midi, colored gels

Skills I need: maybe touch designer?  

10 week basic timeline

Week 1: think of project

Week 2: think of storyline, outlining scenes, order sensors, acquire additional materials, get heavyM license, test projection mapping in apartment space, start learning touch designer, techcheck things?

Week 3: learn touchdesigner, test projection mapping in apartment space, figure out interactivity and appropriate sensor, go to Taos and Gallup to take pics/video, think of storyline, synthesize sounds

Week 4: take pics/video of denver downtown, start editing photos and footage, synthesize sounds

Week 5: setup projection mapping, record scenes, synthesize sounds

Week 6: projection mapping, record scenes, record sounds, synthesize sounds

Week 7: edit scenes into video, record sounds, synthesize sounds

Week 8: edit audio for video

Week 9: any final edits for video

Week 10: share video on vimeo