blog update week 4

Weekly Progress Update

For week 3 on my timeline my goals are: “learn touchdesigner, test projection mapping in apartment space, figure out interactivity and appropriate sensor, go to Taos and Gallup to take pics/video, think of storyline, synthesize sounds”. I have not explored touchdesigner as much as I wanted to this week. Last weekend I learned projection mapping basics and some video manipulation. I am going to use zig sim for a sensor, but did not get to experiment with this week. I did go to Taos and Gallup to take photos for inspiration and visual data. I did not write a storyline, but I am now motivated to do so. I picked up edp equipment on thursday. I signed up for Audiotool though. I want to explore Audiotool more this week. 

Reflection on Progress

I feel good about the progress I have made this week. I think I am on track with my timeline. My goals for week 4 is to explore the video manipulation tools more in touchdesigner, do a second iteration of projection mapping, practice using zig sim with touchdesigner, sythesize sounds with roland JU-06, start editing photos from trip, synthesize sounds

Inspiration, Ideas, Readings, Research

My trip to Taos and Gallup was definitely worthwhile. I feel inspired to write my narrative. I wrote down some notes and thoughts that I want to use to craft a narrative over the next few days. To sum up my trip, I left Denver for Taos on Friday, explored Taos on Saturday, went to Gallup, NM and Window Rock, AZ on Sunday, then came back to Denver on Monday. I only took photos even though I wanted to take some video initially. I am currently looking at my photos for inspiration.

Artist/Creator/Project Profiles

and the earth sighed (2016) by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski are Australian artists who make media art installations “situated at the juncture of cinema, information visualisation and sublime landscape.”

I am intrigued by how they vertically projection map onto the floor that can then be interacted with differently then with it being projected horizontally onto a wall.