welcome! you have found the place where I will document my journey for the first of the 2 capstones I must complete for my emergent digital practices (edp) degree (bfa). it is an exciting opportunity to share a bit of how my mind works during my creative process, as well as, showcase skills I have learned from my experience in edp at the university of denver.

the goal for this course is one project that can be virtually exhibited (given the pandemic situation)

my basic deliverable goal is to produce a 10-20 min video which will be shared here

Week 10 blog update

As the sum of my work and research this past 10 weeks, Constant Flux is a 7 and a half minute long video that explores my identity as a human–a person, in a place–this place, our space. The subject is me, but it is not just about me, rather, it is simply about the coexistence […]

blog update week 8

Week 8 Weekly Progress Update This week I have hit some milestones in my project. Yay! There were some issues though and setting up the projection in my living has been rough, to say the least. But now I have the projection set up how I want and have set up a good positioning of […]

blog update week 6

Week 6: I have created a basic prototype video of my narrative voice over some digitally manipulated images. In my video, I read an assortment of quotes from Dr. Leroy Little Bear, Niklas Luhmann, Laboria Cuboniks, Rainer Maria Rilke, Richard Teleky, Leslie Feinberg, Jack Halberstam, Navajo Nation President Peterson Zah, Queen, Jordy Rosenberg, and some […]

blog update week 5

WEEK 5 Weekly Progress Update For week four, my timeline says: “Week 4: take pics/video of denver downtown, start editing photos and footage, synthesize sounds” This week, I did not take pics/videos of Denver downtown because I have been more focused on looking at the pics I got from Gallup and Taos and trying to […]

work on prototype 1 (w4)

This week I was able to travel to Taos and Gallup NM. It was a very brief trip so there are many things I could not take pictures of or even video of because of time constraints. I did capture a few images that are striking, conceptually. I really like how there is this empty […]

blog update week 4

Weekly Progress Update For week 3 on my timeline my goals are: “learn touchdesigner, test projection mapping in apartment space, figure out interactivity and appropriate sensor, go to Taos and Gallup to take pics/video, think of storyline, synthesize sounds”. I have not explored touchdesigner as much as I wanted to this week. Last weekend I […]